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Guidance for the digital Era.

Quirze Salomó

Surpass Expectations

I have always been passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. I began my career as a programmer and analyst in COBOL at the young age of 16. Life led me to co-lead and build Productos Químicos Arco Iris, a private label household products company, which was later sold to McBride plc.

Driven by a spirit of innovation, I founded Home Meal Replacement SA "Nostrum," a quick-service restaurant company that operated 150 restaurants across Spain and France. In 2011, I established Boira Digital, focusing on a cloud-based POS system. This venture eventually spun off into Poppos under my son's leadership. It was during this time that I discovered my love for blockchain technology and even tokenized the restaurant company.

My passion for web3 and my country inspired me to found the Center Blockchain of Catalunya (CBCAT). After dedicating three years to the public domain, I have now embarked on two exciting life projects: Companion, an executive coaching service, and Anima, a metaverse company that explores a new frontier in the digital world.

My journey demonstrates my commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and continuous learning, making me an ideal coach and mentor for today's digital era.


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